Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Sunday

J is calling the mysterious guy "Mr. Replacement" or "Mr. Rebound" so I'm going to try those on for this blog entry. We had dinner today and it was like a real date. And then he gave me the most mind blowing orgasm I have ever experienced.

Conversation at dinner (Roll-San, Chinatown)

Mr. Rebound: do you think the filling of this dumpling was just this morning's siu mai that didn't get used?
Me: um, okay, I'm not going to eat that now (!) jackass.

10 minutes later...
Mr. Rebound: are you not going to eat the rest of your dumpling?
Me: No!
(Mr. Rebound picks up dumpling filling and eats it)
Me: I dunno Mr. Rebound, you're blurring the boundaries here. That was a very couple thing to do. (Shakes head)
(Mr. Rebound ponders this statement while chewing)
Mr. Rebound: Well, so what do you want out of this thing anyway?
Me: We are NOT having this conversation right now. You know, the neon fish in the window is kinda cute in a tacky Chinatown way.
Mr. Rebound (laughing): Well, you know, one day hopefully I might smarten up.
Me: Oh yeah? How so?
Mr. Rebound: Do I have to draw you a big fucking picture?
Me: Yes Mr. Rebound, yes you do. (rolls eyes and changes the subject)

5 minutes later...
Mr. Rebound: So what do you want out of this thing anyway?
(Me with mouth full puts up two fingers)
I think this is when he inserted some random comments about how things aren't just hunky dory until you get married and then they go to shit but I wasn't really paying attention (because the m word freezes my brain over, apparently) and he wasn't making a great deal of sense.

2 minutes later...
Me: So are you saying you want me to be around when you smarten up or would you rather I was gone?
Mr. Rebound: Woman, do I have to draw you a big fucking picture or what?
Me (laughing): You're so annoying, you know that? Jerk.

It seems that Mr. Rebound may be softening up a bit. And that is exactly where he should be.

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