Thursday, October 11, 2007

Quiet early morning

I'm awake early again but for a different reason than yesterday. Yesterday, I was lying in bed and realized I was wide awake. It was still dark out. So I got up and did some stuff. And then I napped for a large portion of the evening. Today, I'm awake because I slept over at the mysterious guy's. Because of the combination of nap and sleeping with him, I only got about 2 hours real sleep last night. He started tossing and turning around 4 am and, after he woke me up, I couldn't fall back asleep again. He snored last night too for the very first time. It was still a relatively good night though considering I napped in the evening. I spent some of it just watching him. That sounds creepy but it's true. Watching and thinking, "do I really like this guy?" And he gave me a Hugo Boss tshirt that he doesn't wear anymore. Every time I put it on, I'll remember the way his hands felt running down my breasts and stomach. I have goosebumps right now.

He's starting to feel a bit less mysterious. The bodily functions I overheard during his shower made me chuckle a bit. It's nice that he's so comfortable around me, even if it makes me think "he's such a guy". On the other hand, he does ask my opinion about his outfits which is sweet. He also bit my ass this morning which is something B used to do. I really hope it doesn't bruise. When I left, he asked if I was going to leave my pillow behind. I wanted to, just as a way to leave my presence in the apartment, and a pillow is much less temporary than a pink toothbrush. But I also need all four of my pillows every night. Okay, I really only need three but maybe I'm not ready for that kind of permanence yet.

I found that I missed him during the day yesterday. Mostly because I had nothing to do. But I was very happy when he phoned me late last night. It was most definitely a booty call but I'm okay with that. One of his coworkers from London stayed with him last night so I'm wondering if the cat is out of the bag now but I'm sure he will be discreet. I wouldn't want our mutual friend to find out. Even though she did suggest the mysterious guy as a possible date option at lunch on Monday, I'm still not ready for her to find out that we're knocking boots. There are a few things that could potentially drive me nuts about him. He drinks too much, works too much, smokes weed and is a little too loud in the morning for my sensitive soul.

I really do like him though. There, I said it. I'm officially invested.

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