Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Well, fuck.

Today started out good. Great. Lovely. Dreamy. I will not blog about it because I will probably re-read this entry in a couple of months and want to fucking kill myself.

The rest of today was pretty shit. My computer, my baby, my companion, my entertainment, died today. I was really hoping it was the power supply but the tech guy at Canada Computers thinks it's the motherboard. That means that it will take at least two weeks and $60 to fix. I really hope the damn thing is still under warranty and that Asus' RMA process (or whatever the fuck it's called) doesn't screw me over and/or take a bajillion weeks. I miss my music and my bookmarks and my hot keys. At least the tech guy gave me a $10 discount because I have boobs. At least, I think that was the reason for the discount. He said "I'm only gonna charge you $50 instead of $60 because... (pregnant pause)... if I charged you $60 it would be $70 with tax." Yeah, that's what I thought.

Fortunately, I have a laptop courtesy of work. I have some misgivings about using it for such personal uses as blogging anonymously but I am so frigging cold and lonely and miserable right now I don't really give a flying fuck.

I also think I am starting to get sick. I should really not have started smoking again this week but this break thing is harder than I thought it would be. I mean, overall it is a relief not to deal with B's peculiar brand of drama and crap but I am lonely. I just have to keep reminding myself I would be just as lonely (or marginally less so) if we were still on speaking terms because I likely would either be waiting for him to call or in the midst of some energy-sucking, mind-warping, bring-me-down-like-my-mother-on-hormones, negative conversation.

It's time to go to bed.

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