Saturday, September 22, 2007

Disappointment is inevitable

I was right. Hope is soul-crushing and disappointment is far more predictable.

He was texting someone else last night. Huge blow to my self-esteem. He did apologize profusely for being an idiot but there aren't any words that can erase this hole that he just blew in the centre of my chest cavity.

I just deleted all of the text messages, emails, facebook messages, his cell number from my phone, shredded his business card, blocked and deleted him off MSN and put him on limited profile on facebook. Maybe if I obliterate all signs of him, it's like I won't have ever felt any of this. Hopefully I have finally learned my lesson this time around.

I'm not sure what to do with his $70 Hugo Boss t-shirt though. Maybe I'll set fire to it. That might be therapeutic. I'm joking, obviously. I wouldn't ever do anything that melodramatic. Drama is just not in my nature.

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