Saturday, September 22, 2007

Baby spit up, cupcakes and other charming things

Today was a pretty decent day. I spent several hours with Piglet and her mom and it was fun. We got so much done today. We ran errands, had lunch, she showered and pumped breast milk. Piglet is so much bigger now than she was when I last saw her three weeks ago and she even smiled at me today! It was more likely related to the farting and the subsequent HUGE POOP that she did. But it was still super cute. It was even cute when she spit up on me! Who knew that baby spit up could be so charming? Granted, it was breast milk spit up, but at least she didn't poop on me.

The reason I went over there was because the furnace guy was coming over between 8 am and 1 pm. And he did show up, at 2 pm, while she was breast feeding. Typical, right? She kept saying how glad she was that I came over and I was so happy to be there. The initial weeks after Piglet was born were pretty overwhelming but I think that things are starting to come together which I find immensely reassuring. Perhaps one day, I might be able to be someone's mommy too.

After spending the day with them, I came home and baked chocolate zucchini cupcakes which turned out to be pretty awesome. And after that, I went back to the same neighbourhood and had sushi and played Tumbling Tower and euchre with friends. I have to admit, I had more fun than I thought I would. And we were sober!

I did get to talk to the mysterious guy tonight. I sent him a text message to find out how his trip was and he replied back and completely made me laugh. That made me feel good. I called him on my way home from dinner and we chatted for a bit. It turns out his trip was awful and he also got a new phone so he didn't have my number and he said he was glad that I phoned him. I don't know if I'll see him this weekend but I hope that I do. I keep expecting to be disappointed any second now which would be... helpful since B is coming up on Thursday.

I really need to sort out whatever is going on in my brain. I could get so attached to this mysterious guy if I let myself. Perhaps I'm just deluding myself into believing I'm not already invested... It's just that he makes me smile and I really like that.

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