Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lessons learned

I learned some valuable lessons at the gym today:

1. Do not take a double class without a water bottle.
2. Do not take a double class at a gym with multiple floors and no elevator.
3. Do not take a double class without Advil.
4. Do not take a double class which ends with meditation in a freezing cold room.
5. Do not take a double class and then follow it up with a 20 minute walk home in heels.
6. I need a man to help me get undressed after I get home from a double class. It's exhausting getting out of my Lululemon tank top and Nike sports bra. I had to do it in stages.

First, Lulu over the boobage (it's not large but there is a considerable amount there). Break. Then Lulu top over one shoulder blade. Stash it under the armpit and take a deep breath. Lulu top over other should blade. 5 minute break. Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, exhale and YANK! 10 minute break. Repeat with sports bra. Sheesh.

On a totally unrelated note, while I was at the gym for two hours this evening, my friend in the pink dress called me 4 times. 4!!! Then she texted asking if I was okay because she hadn't heard from me since last night at around 10 pm. Okay, fine, she's worried (because, unlike her, I always return calls within a couple of hours). BUT this is the girl that told me I shouldn't have asked C le V to call me last weekend. She said I should have just rolled with it and waited for him to call. Eventually. I asked her how long I should have waited, considering he had been distant for a couple of weeks and clearly something had changed. She didn't have an answer but said that she doesn't like it when someone expects her to call at a certain time. It's too much pressure.

Okay fine. I get that. But she's not sleeping with me. And I didn't ask him to call at a certain time. Just at some point over his not busy weekend at home doing laundry and jerking off.

But really the point is this.
A: I shouldn't have to ask him (or any guy who wants to stay in my pants) to call me. Any guy that's interested (enough) is going to want to talk to me. He did and we used to talk for ages about everything. Something changed.
B: When I ask him to phone me, he should just man up and do it. I mean, is that really too much to ask? That's a serious question. The other option is to stop sleeping with me. Clearly he was more interested in the second option.

Moving right along... do you know how frustrating it is when your vibrator dies in the bubble bath? Okay fine, I was in there for a while but still...


Asshat said...

Were you doing laundry while you were in the bubble bath? Don't you worry about your skin getting all wrinkly?

Some people just don't like getting told what to do, even if that's only getting told subtly to pick up the phone. You're right, of course; if he was really that interested in you he would have found time to dial the phone on his own initiative. But maybe he preferred spending the weekend in the tub with his own vibrator. In that case, you're better off without him.

Elusive Butterfly said...

Yes, my skin got all wrinkly but no, it's not something I worry about ahead of time Asshat ;) Are you coming to visit this month?

Asshat said...

No, I found out to my amazement that I had signed up and paid for a seminar in Cleveland scheduled for the same time the Canadian trip was supposed to happen, so sadly I'm not going. I had my heart set on a maple-glazed donut, too.

geekhiker said...

Dammit, I'm gonna add that to my personals profile: "will gladly assist you out of your sports bra." What woman will be able to resist me after my gentlemanly offer? ;)

As for the rules of calling, I honestly have no idea. There's a girl I haven't talked to in a few days, but she did say she was busy with her mid-terms, so while I want to call, I also don't want to seem like a bother.

Dammit, why does it have to be so complex?

And for your birthday, a 48 pack of batteries. *grin*