Sunday, March 22, 2009

Boring but productive Sunday

In a cruel twist of sadistic irony, the Universe is mocking me. The more I seem to work on my thesis, the more my workload seems to be multiplying exponentially. Just because I'm studying bacteria... it doesn't seem fair!

I did get a bit teary-eyed about C le V today but then I realized that no man on the planet is going to put up with my neurotic, inane tv-watching habits. Usually, when the music gets too scary and my heart starts to pound, I turn off the sound and read the closed-captions. However, CSI doesn't seem to believe in closed-captioning. So, this afternoon I had to take several breaks during one episode because I was experiencing an uncomfortably high rate of heart palpitations. What man is going to think that's fun?? Yeah, that's what I thought. Somehow though, clinging to Pooh Bear for comfort doesn't seem quite the same. And Pooh Bear is quite large. He measures about two feet tall by three feet around. Hmmm, his proportions are remarkably similar to my own!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you need to watch CSI with a pot of hunny for comfort?

(This may be the second post of this comment because blogger craps out when I post comments every other time...)

Elusive Butterfly said...

Oh my lord GH, I can't believe you actually wrote that. You seem to have some experience with Pooh Bear. Care to elaborate?? :)

kristen said...

not true - a good bf will put up with all of it - hell, mine dealt with missing sleep due to my need to rewatch a gossip girl that both he (who doesnt watch GG) and i had both already seen!