Saturday, March 14, 2009

Awesome Friday night

My friend in the painted pink dress made me go out tonight. First we went shopping for a bed. Then we went to Little India for dinner. And after that, we went clubbing. It's going to hurt in the morning but we had a ridiculously good time. We got picked up by two Italian guys named Mario and Giovanni. They were so stereotypically Italian that it was outrageously funny. They had expensive suits and big chains and shirts unbuttoned halfway down to their stomachs. They were really good dancers, I will give them that, even with the wandering hands syndrome! They spent the entire night dancing with us and I have to confess that I had fun, even if I had to keep moving their hands away from my piercing! At the end of the night though, we had to ditch them or risk getting groped and fondled in their limo. I feel bad about giving away Mario's tie to one of the (really hot) bouncers but it was payment for letting us out the alternate exit. We jumped straight in a cab and came home. Giggling the entire way. I highly recommend going out with just one girlfriend to anyone who needs to just let loose and forget all their troubles. I can't believe how late it is! To bed, and to a Dirty Dancing matinee in 10 hours. Eep.

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