Monday, March 30, 2009

Angry Sunday

I had a very angry day today. The highlights (lowlights?) were:

1. Having tea with two girlfriends who, when I texted to let them know I would be a few minutes late, decided to order for me, despite knowing about my food allergies. And despite the fact I told them in my original email that I was planning to have a smoked salmon bagel. And knowing that I was coming from the gym and would therefore be starving. I was not impressed.

2. Then they proceeded to discuss the picky eating habits of their young children (I submit, if they have children with picky eating habits, they should have known better than to order my lunch!) I was bored out of my mind and had basically nothing to contribute.

3. The tea platter they ordered was overpriced, didn't have enough food on it and I couldn't eat 90% of it because it consisted of pastries and desserts. I ate three "sandwiches" which consisted of a thin slice of cucumber on a piece of baguette smothered in cream cheese and pepper. Ugh. I also ate a raisin bun disguised as a scone.

I would have ordered a real meal but the waitress was so awful that I decided she wasn't worthy of a larger tip. She didn't offer me a menu after I arrived, didn't check on us and was bitchy and rude. Fortunately, one of the girls felt guilty enough about the whole incident that she picked up the bill.

I wish I hadn't gone. I came home angry and frustrated and hungry and cold. I crashed on the couch for two hours and now I'm wide awake. Tomorrow is going to be painful.

Moving onto better news, there might be a weekend trip to LA in April with Baby and a weekend trip to NYC in May for an old family friend's wedding. I should probably only choose one (ie the wedding) so I can afford to pay tuition fees at the end of April but I want so badly to get away from my so called life. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, man, do I know days like that. I strive to get out and be more social, and then happen to go to a social occasion that completely bombs? I can see why you were in the bad mood...