Sunday, November 23, 2008


I am bubbling and it's 4.35 am! I met up with The Crush for midnight ice cream and hot chocolate and invited him over to chat after he suggested we just drive around in his car and talk. He did most of the talking about many things - work, school, life etc. I listened and ask questions because I'm good at that. He's going to call me tomorrow. Apparently our mutual friend bullied him into expressing more than a passing interest and I'm not sure whether to be mortified or flattered. A bit of both, I guess. He said that some guys just need that kind of push. He's going to call tomorrow! I know I already said that but I find that prospect exciting in and of itself. I updated him on the situation with The Other Guy and he told me to do whatever I need to do. He also said he wouldn't swordfight with him and I said "good, because it's not really up to you guys; it's up to me!" And he laughed. I am no closer to deciding which of them is the "better" man because they are both great. Generous, kind, fun, gentle, gentlemen. I am glad to include them on my roster of new friends and will do my best to deserve either of them. The Other Guy makes me laugh and I do feel a connection with him. The Crush still gives me butterflies but is not the smooth, polished man that is the Other Guy. I'm not sure I deserve to be with a human being quite that out of my league. And The Crush is as serious but somehow more cerebral, if that makes any sense. They have both been good to me and that makes me feel good about myself. One of them is sure to be more compatible with my own particular brand of crazy but it's too early to tell. As The Other Guy said, we don't have enough information to make any decisions right now. I'm just happy The Crush and I sat on my couch and talked til this ridiculous hour. I'm looking forward to two phone calls tomorrow.


Alexandreena said...

I think this is a very good problem to have.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Alexandreena on this one.