Thursday, November 27, 2008


There's a lot going on.

I met with my supervisor today and it looks as though the last of my data will be arriving next week. I have much Excel-ing to do in the next few weeks and I would like to finish it before I leave for the holidays so that I can start writing when I get back. I have no idea what really happened during our meeting today. He said something about a binomial expansion and I couldn't remember what that was until he wrote a quadratic equation on the board. I have to calculate probabilities for both variables which represent concentrations of each isotope. I think! I'm going to let that percolate through my subconscious over the weekend and hope it's a bit less foggy next week when the data arrives.

I phoned The Other Guy because I only got one very brief email from him today saying he was super busy at work and he didn't sound too happy. He was out at a pub with a friend but said he would call me when he got home. If he doesn't call me tonight, that's going to be Strike 2. Strike 1 was his deciding not to visit me this weekend so that we could slow things down. I understand slowing things down but the inertia that sets in after slowing things down in a long distance relationship is huge. I should know, I've spent more than half my adult life in long distance relationships. I really don't want to do it anymore but he's an awesome guy so I'm giving him a real chance.

I also talked to The Crush tonight. I'm meeting up with him tomorrow night after Thanksgiving dinner with friends. I'm having all-you-can-eat-sushi birthday dinner with my friends. Unless of course Baby and Delorean are still puking and pooping in which case, no dinner for me! But on Saturday night, we have a real date! Dinner in Forest Hill with just the two of us. This is his last chance to make good on the "click". If there's nothing on Saturday, my decision will be that much easier to make. I have high hopes. I mean, I have coached the guy a lot. Surely he should have found his mojo by now. Surely.

Also, Saturday afternoon I'm having tea with the ladies for my birthday. Very belated but I'm very excited. And Sunday I think I'm going to the One of a Kind Show with my friend who hates her husband.

Stay tuned.

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Alexandreena said...

" And Sunday I think I'm going to the One of a Kind Show with my friend who hates her husband. "

That was a great line. It amused me greatly.