Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gratitude list

This entry was inspired by Susan. I had to dig deep to get started but once I got rolling... well, you'll see.

A (my best friend), Advil
Blankets, books and butterflies. The ones in my tummy not the ones in real life. Those are scary.
Chick flicks, chocolate, crosswords, cuddles
Dancing, dim sum, driving, dictionaries
Eyes, earrings
Food, fondue, fireplaces, firemen
Grey, girlfriends, google
Job (most of the time, anyway)
Ketorolac, kittens, kisses
Light, laughter
Nerds, novels
Orgasms, ocean
Pistachio ice cream, pillows, puzzles, postcards, puppies
Questions I can answer
Shoes, spoons (the kind in bed), sushi, silence
Trees, thesauruseseses
Wind in the trees, walking, words, widescreen, wine, water
Xerox and x-ray technology, x-rated text messages
Zach Levy, zest

Also, The Crush called me very early this morning but I'm a huge slacker with my voice mail and only checked it at midnight. I'm such a moron. Meanwhile, only got one short email from The Other Guy today and no response to my goodnight text. I wonder if I will look back on this post in a year and shake my head because nothing ever happened with either of these two but I will still be fooling around with Grey.


Susan said...

Great list! I think everyone should do one. It really does make you realize that our lives are pretty damn good, despite the drama we create for ourselves.

Asshat said...

Yeah, but I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get mentioned after "Advil."

Elusive Butterfly said...

I'm sorry! You know I love you!

Anonymous said...

Great list. I'd steal it for my own blog but, meh, I think that would require entirely too much intellectual effort for a Saturday afternoon.