Monday, June 2, 2008

Solo date night

I went to the movies alone today. Me. Alone. It was not as scary as I thought it would be. It was scary trying to talk myself into it, and originally I hadn't planned to go alone. I sent an email to Big Mac and Grey and the guy who wrote Mr Rebound and a couple of girlfriends. But, of course, everyone was busy. I was on the phone until the very last minute and then I had to rush to get out of the house and get to theatre with enough time to get the kid's pack of popcorn and see the trailers. Once I was out of the house, it was just like any other day walking around campus on my way to meet someone or run errands. Who knew it could be so easy? As an aside, the kid's pack is the perfect size for me. A small bag of popcorn, a small pop and a small packet of twizzlers. They should almost call it the Singles Pack.

It turned out that I was plenty early and/or the movie started really late. Probably the most uncomfortable part was sitting by myself in the centre of the second highest row (my preferred theatre seating because that places me in the centre of the screen) waiting for the movie to start and watching couples and groups of friends pile in. It wasn't busy so that helped but there weren't even ads to keep my brain occupied. I ended up texting Grey and X that I was at the movies by myself.

X was proud of me, I think. He had gone to see Indiana Jones and didn't like it and Grey was at home, naturally. I saw Made of Honour first. I'm not a huge fan of Grey's Anatomy but McDreamy really is dreamy. Patrick Dempsey did nothing for me before the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. But now I think I'm in gusty stomach-sighing lust with that man.

The second movie was easier because I had to rush to get to the bathroom and get a seat and missed most of the trailers. But, given they were both girly movies, they probably had all the same trailers. Usually by the time I'm done watching all the trailers, I've forgotten what I came to see. The second movie was Baby Mamma. It wasn't quite as funny as I expected it to be but I did enjoy it. Tina Fey can blend well-timed comedy with sincerity and realistic Oh Crap moments. I should watch her other movies.

I think the most exciting part of the evening was the trailer for Mamma Mia. I have been waiting my entire life to see Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan in a movie together and it's happening this summer! That movie could be a giant pile of crap but I'm already planning to buy the DVD. Those two are in my top three. I may have to replace Mike Holmes with Patrick Dempsey as my third.

I think I'll go watch the second half of Pride and Prejudice before bed. Sigh.


Gypsy at Heart said...

I've always loved going to the movies by myself. That way I never embarrass anyone who knows me by talking out loud or sobbing at the characters. Whenever I do attend a screening on my own, I also make it a point to sneak in food inside my purse. Sushi is a good bet. Get a bento box to go. I even break out the chopsticks and eat it all with relish. I call it 'solo movie dining chic' and really, it is so much tastier than popcorn. Good for you Moshizzle. In time you will enjoy it more. You'll see.

orangebandage said...

I saw Paris Je T'aime by myself. I used to love seeing movies alone. I'm surprised you didn't see Sex and the City. I thought every female in the world, except me, wanted to see that film.

Elusive Butterfly said...

Orangebandage, I don't like to see movies when they first come out. I don't like the crowds and there are only four seats in a theatre I am willing to sit in. (They're second row from the top in the centre). I'm thinking I'll see SATC in July when I'm finally done all my travels. Or perhaps in Vancouver in a couple of weeks.

Why don't you want to see it? I thought all women identified with at least one of the characters and that was the appeal? I myself am a little bit Carrie (write every day, do crosswords in bed), a little bit Miranda (cross, assertive and think I'm funny-looking), Charlotte (more ways than I can list) and Samantha (to my friends).