Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Heading west

Just walking out the door to my second flight out. Third in two weeks, I guess. I saw Grey last night. He called while I was out to dinner with Baby and another girlfriend. He ostensibly called to find out how my trip was going but I think he knew somehow that I was back in town.

We were very efficient last night and I was home and packing by 10.30. After I broke the boyfriend rule, he started talking about other women. Someone his brother set him up on a date with while he was in Miami. And an old fling he went out with on Friday night with in Ottawa. The old fling is 28 and has MS. She was going to be his date to a wedding on Saturday but he took her out drinking on Friday night and her MS started acting up on Saturday so she couldn't go. He went to the ceremony but bailed on the reception. Serves him right. And the woman in Miami is the sister of the girl his brother is dating. They've been on 12 dates and haven't had sex yet. Which is, apparently why Grey didn't have sex either. I'm glad. I must remember to thank his brother.

When I pointed out how charming and lovely it was that he was talking about other women after my spectacular performance (his words), he apologized for making me feel shitty. Progress? Ha.

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Asshat said...

Welcome back and bon voyage. So Grey hasn't had sex with this girl in Miami because his brother hasn't had sex with her sister? That doesn't make much sense if you say it out loud, does it? Were they planning on scheduling a foursome at some future mutually convenient time? I don't know. I think it was more than rude of him to discuss all this with you after you waived your boyfriend rule.