Friday, June 6, 2008

Heading east

I'm going iceberg hunting tomorrow! I really must pack. Okay going to do that now. NOW!

Okay, I'm back. I'm packed. Laundry is done. A/C is turned on. Garbage and recycling are out. Dishes put away. VISA bill paid. Bathroom and kitchen cleaned. Birthday bamboo watered. I have a couple of last minute items to pack after my 5 am shower and then I'll be good to go. I hope I don't forget my poster! The thing is friggin' long. Almost as long as me at just over 4'. The other grad student is definitely flying them back unless I decide to ditch it. At $130 it's not the cheapest item to ditch but I can't imagine I'll need it again and it's a piece of crap anyway.

I really missed Grey the last couple of days. Although I have been looking forward to June for weeks now, I also have a reason to look forward to coming home. If he's not at the airport on the 25th, he had better have a damn good reason. Lying in the hospital attached to an IV would qualify.

For the first time, I'm considering traveling without my journal. I have opted to take Pillars of the Earth on the plane and I hope I don't regret it. I started it months ago and never got into it. But the thought of traveling without a novel scares me more than traveling without my journal. With the laptop and other crap, I don't have space for my journal and I won't pack it in case my checked luggage gets lost. I'm assuming I will have internet access for the most part. And, if not, there will be a series of posts when I return. I only ever write in my journal when things are going horribly wrong anyway. And with two other grad students and a supervisor, I imagine I'll be pretty busy either being bored out of my tree at conference proceedings or trying to surreptitiously duck out of said conference proceedings.

I think it's time to watch the remainder of CSI Miami and then sleep. This time tomorrow, I'll be blogging in Newfieland! Or drunk in Newfoundland. Either is fine with me.

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