Saturday, June 14, 2008


I'm home and exhausted. I really can't write anything now. I can barely function but I'm attempting to back up my photos on my desktop. I know I don't have to do this now but I'm pushing myself. I have several GB of photos and video on my laptop but I don't have a DVD burner so I'm onto my fourth CD. It will only be a few more minutes now of copying and then I can go to bed. I'm really excited to sleep in my own bed. I really want to write about the trip and all of my shenanigans but the wedding is tomorrow and I have to be up early to get things started. I definitely don't want to get married myself. This entire thing is insane. I should post a screen capture shot of the schedule for tomorrow.

Maybe I'll make a quick list of things I have to blog about on Sunday:

1. Rules on presenting a poster and other conference tips.
2. How to survive a week long conference with your supervisor and two other grad students. Especially when sharing a room with a loud, abrasive colleague.
3. Tourist things to do St John's.
4. How shopping can make you feel both great and crappy.
5. Drunken shenanigans with supervisors, beer and karaoke.

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