Monday, June 2, 2008


Today, this made me laugh. "My only meaningful relationship [is] with my shoe collection."

Because, today, I went to the mall to return some shoes I bought on Saturday afternoon. I bought a pair of shoes because I was feeling not so great about myself and they looked good on my feet. I knew that I had an almost identical pair of designer shoes at home which cost less because I bought them at a sample sale. But I bought them anyway. The regret set in shortly thereafter and, on Sunday, I decided I would return them this afternoon.

While I was at the shoe store, I found the cutest pair of shoes ever. Go on, click on the pictures. Are they fabulous or are they fabulous? That's right, they're outrageously fabulous.

I had seen these shoes months ago but today they were finally on sale. And they were comfortable and they had them in my size! So I bought them. And now I'm happy and excited. Not sure where I'm going to wear them first. Maybe to Newfoundland?

Anyway, that's enough happy stuff for one day. My supervisor came back from wherever he spent the last two weeks hiding. And there was bad news. My samples swamped the analyzer at the lab. We couldn't figure out why for the longest time. He thinks that maybe the undergrad student that made the stock solution didn't read the label on the bottle properly and mixed up the 14N with the 15N. This means that all of my samples are completely useless. Really, it's great. Now I won't have the data that I need for my conference poster and I'm going to spend the next 4 days trying to fill white space with poorly disguised crap.

My shoulder hurts already. Back to the grindstone.


orangebandage said...

I have moved from shoes to bags. I won't allow myself to buy any "for me and not for work or special occasion" shoe buying until i loose 20lbs. It's pure torture! Those are some pretty cute shoes though. Congrats o your fabulous purchase and sorry to hear about your samples.

cce said...

Oh man, sorry about your samples and the way your hard work has been FUBARed by someone else. But you've got damn cute shoes and that should count for something.

Alexandreena said...

Those are indeed very cute. Way too cute for Newfoundland, methinks.
When I went to Newfoundland, I was wearing hiking shoes and I still got hit on by very hot, albeit outdoorsy men ( not my type at all) in St John's. So, why bother wasting cute shoes there?

I'm very tempted to swing by Aldo myself now, but I recently took an inventory of my shoe collection and was forced to impose a moratorium on further shoe-purchasing activity because it's getting to be a bit much.