Friday, June 20, 2008

Heading to the US of A

Going shopping this weekend. VS, Target, Nordstrom Rack, Bath & Body Works for starters. No laptop, no posts. Hopefully the driver coworker has mellowed. Looking forward to spending the weekend with the usual shopping coworker. Haven't seen her for two years and have missed her muchly.

Today was good. Bought much needed groceries in the morning followed by dim sum for lunch. Then the afternoon shopping for patio furniture. Dinner at the Dockside Restaurant on Granville Island with much bubbly and crab cakes. Waiter spilled salad dressing on me but bubbly and travel clothes negated the ill feeling. Theatresport improv and helping the hosts pack for their camping to finish off the day. Must brush teeth and go to sleep.

Lunch with old bosses tomorrow. Should be interesting. Will be prepared to fence re salary expectations and returning to Vancouver to work for the Company.

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