Sunday, June 29, 2008

Shopping and church

My ex boyfriend became a deacon today. The actual church service was long and borderline excruciating but it was exciting to see so many people turn out and support him. I saw both of his parents. His mother for the first time in years, even though she lives down the street from me. I work with his dad so I didn't actually go and talk to him. I'm not sure if that made things more awkward or less but I was too intimidated to approach him. All of his high school friends were there and I think I may have received some dirty looks but I'm choosing to let them slide. All of that was ancient history and if he and I are past it, it's none of their damned business. Ooh, I probably shouldn't say "damned". My girlfriend said "hell no" when asked if she was coming camping with us next weekend and then quickly retracted it.

I spent the afternoon shopping with a friend who is visiting from India. She is 16 and very sweet. Smart and precocious without being obnoxious. I like her and that's really saying something given that she's a teenager! We both did some shopping and had lunch and I think it was a good day. I wish I could spend more time with her. I don't enjoy being this busy with other people's plans. Actually, I'm exhausted. Although that may have something to do with playing Wii Fit for several hours this evening.

Tomorrow is dim sum and Shakespeare in the Park. I think. I didn't speak with the unhappy newlyweds at all today so I'm not sure what the status is now. Perhaps I'll be able to leave them to their own devices and check out the Pride Parade tomorrow. Considering how many years I've lived in this city, it's really about time. What does a girl wear to Pride anyway? I'm thinking fluorescent green shorts and a John Deere t-shirt. Or maybe a bright pink skirt and blue sparkly tank. No, not outrageous enough. Perhaps it will come to me in a dream...

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