Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bergy bits

I think love this province. In fact, I know I love small town Canada and that's definitely where I am now. St John's is so cute and quaint and lovely. It's a little cold here right now but our first day was great. Our flights arrived within 30 minutes of each other so we arrived at the hotel together and set out for lunch and a mini adventure. We walked around Duckworth and Water Streets, had lunch at a great restaurant called Get Stuffed. Mmm, cod. Then we went on an Iceberg quest and saw some "bergy bits". Definitely not icebergs by any stretch of the imagination but still exciting. Sadly, no whales this afternoon. Then we wandered around town some more, found George Street, picked up some deli meat, cheese (applewood cheddar and mango ginger stilton), dinner rolls and hot chocolates. We headed back to the hotel to eat and chill for a bit before heading back to George Street for drinks. It was snootier and pricier than I expected and I'm ready for bed now after two Kir Royales.

I can't write too much because my roommate is waiting to go to bed. I'll try to write more later. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

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