Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ogling at the gym

My life has officially become boring.

I skipped my run today because I forgot my mp3 player at home. So I was in the locker room a little early this week and was met by a disturbing sight. There was an older Asian lady in the change room and she was stark naked except for a towel on her head. She spent at least 10 minutes looking in the mirror doing various things. God help me, I couldn't help glancing over occasionally as she stood there primping trying to figure out what the hell was taking her so long. My final glance was somewhat longer as I shamelessly and curiously ogled her. Her body looked a bit like mine. Saggy in all the old places. Cellulite and dimples clearly visible in profile. Belly protruding and shoulders slightly stooped. A large puff of black hair poking out from her pubic area. She was flossing. Naked! Flossing!! In the change room!!! Ew, so nasty. Grey's response to my text message was even nastier. I knew he was that guy but it made me laugh. Ick. I'm shaking my head at the whole thing.

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LaLa said...

Ha ha ha. That is SO NASTY!! Terrible mental image right now.