Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter parade

Tonight, I went over to a friend's place for a drink. He's actually a friend of B's from high school but he lives around the corner from me and we are in the fledgling stages of post-breakup be-friends-with-my-buddy's-ex thing. He's a decent guy and we have had a reasonably good time together on the two occasions I have been over there for a drink. Conversation is average, body language is slightly awkward (probably more on my part because he is B's friend), couple of drinks, couple of cigarettes. He is a nice guy, which is probably why I'm not attracted to him. But tonight I left his place feeling less than happy. I'm not sure why that was. I could have stayed a bit longer but I felt I had to leave. I wonder if it was the details of his recent fling things. Two gorgeous , successful women older than him. Neither looking for commitment or even a relationship beyond the occasional date. I guess maybe it hit a little too close to home. Perhaps Grey is having the same conversation with his friends and I'm just part of the parade.

Maybe I'm just tired and stressed. I have a feeling there will be tears on my pillow tonight. I'm tired, but not exhausted. Low, though.

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