Thursday, March 27, 2008

Marriage, Ltd.

I was washing glassware in the lab this evening and it occurred to me, what if I meet a guy that's great but we don't fall in love? Supposing we have the same philosophy about love and romance. That love isn't real. Instead we both believe that people in relationships commonly mistake hormones and attraction for love. And romance is just extended foreplay. That relationships are partnerships. Like a business arrangement, they take mutual understanding, hard work, communication and pre-determined rules of engagement. Supposing I find a guy who believes this as well. And we decide to get married, or whatever, because we have a good time together. What happens if one of us falls in love? With someone else, obviously. Because if you fell in love with your marital business partner, that would probably be okay. But what if I found a guy like this who then fell in love with another woman? Would I say to him, "okay, go be with her if that will make you happy"? Or would I tell him to continue being in love with her but still stay married to me? Just for the sake of having a man around the house to take out the garbage and help cut the grass.

I think I'm back to the whole "love isn't real" thing because it hasn't been hard for me to refrain from emailing or texting Grey. It's not that I don't want to. I still talk to him in my head. But it's easier for me not to make contact with him right now. I'm hoping this willpower will last for a couple of weeks. At least until he goes to Jamaica.

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