Saturday, March 24, 2007

Inner monologue blah blah

I went to see "I think I love my wife" today. It was not as funny and felt longer than I expected. Chris Rock's inner monologue had a few amusing moments. But so does mine.

The movie did have an interesting side effect though. B tells me all the time that he can't stop thinking about me. I asked him once if he runs out of things to think about. But today, when I was driving home, I thought about him almost the whole way home. I suppose partly it was the moovie. Partly it's because he's going to be here so soon. And partly because I get a slight break this weekend so there isn't anything pressing at the forefront right now. No assignments or journals or reports to think about instead.

I found myself thinking again that I can't quite believe we ended up back together again after such a long time. I found myself being amazed that we should still feel the same about each other. And, if I'm being really honest, there were things he did back then that were frustrating to deal with as a teenager and now still make me a little bit nuts. He can be very moody and negative sometimes. Normally it's okay. He has a stressful job and he misses me and it's in his nature. But sometimes, when I'm feeling a little bit down myself, it brings me down even more. I've told him that I need him to bring my mood up sometimes as well. It's just something that we'll have to figure out. And it will be easier when we're geographically together, I think.

I do feel good about not being the emotional one in the relationship. I'm used to being the one that is moody and cries at the slightest thing. And I'm still that person, but he's passionnate and caring as well which is such a refreshing change. There are things I miss about ex-V but only in the sense of missing his conversation and company. The laughs. But not the other stuff. The "stupid boy" stuff. The random, ignorant arguments and stubbornness. The distance and the enforced isolation when he didn't want to talk.

This has turned into a ridiculously long run-on sentence blog entry. Thank goodness nobody is actually reading it! Time for bed.

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