Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ick sick

I am definitely getting sick. I've managed to fight off a cold all winter but now it is making itself known in my sinuses :( I do not have a good relationship with my sinuses. I try to pamper them and pay all the attention to them that they duly deserve but every almost-spring they make my life miserable. And now, I just want to take a stainless steel ladle, stick it down the back of my throat and scoop the inside of my head out. Ick. I am not good at being sick.

B is out tonight celebrating his cousin's birthday. He said he would look for me when he got home. I told him that it was unlikely I would still be up at 5 am and he laughed. But here I am, 3.19 am and I'm still waiting up. Partly it's my fault for napping so late into the evening but I think trying to fight off a cold with sleep is a viable strategy. I went out for bubble tea with Piglet's parents and one of their annoying family members. He is such an ass and the weather is crap. He's one of those lame SUV drivers that doesn't brush the snow off his car and makes the roads treacherous for those of us conscientious enough to make a good effort. Despite the snow and slush, it was nice to have the DVP all to myself. Lanes, schmanes.

I think I had something specific in mind for this post but it's gone... oh right. I sense a certain unwillingness on the part of my friends to believe in my new/old relationship. I mean, fair enough, I am holding back on the hope thing until he gets here and I see and hear him tell me all those wonderful things in person. But come on people, can't you be happy for me? It makes me a little bit... I don't know, maybe distanced a little bit from my friends. And it makes me want to believe in this and fight for it. And then there's the part of me that reminds me I still have a plan B. We'll all just have to wait and see what happens when he gets here. 19 days...

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