Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Really, I have nothing to write about. I guess without Grey making me feel like utter crap, my life has become pale and uninteresting.

I was at a client meeting this morning and suffered an embarrassing incident. We had toured the facility for a couple of hours and were sitting in a boardroom tying up some loose ends when my stomach made the most atrocious, loudest, rudest growling noise I have ever heard. It sorta sounded like this:


Seriously. There was no hiding it.

Fortunately I can laugh at myself and informed everyone that breakfast had been early that morning. All six men sitting around the conference table burst out laughing. At least they'll remember me as the hungry girl with a giant hippo tummy monster. Sheesh.

Then some crappy but trivial stuff happened when I went to get lunch at Timmy Ho's.

Then I came home cranky and irritable from lack of sleep. So, to self medicate, I wrote a page to C le V, ate three teaspoonfuls of Nutella and watched three episodes of Numb3rs.

Because I am a giant nerd.

Oh, also, I booked a train ticket to Montreal for the last weekend in Feb. Yay nookie! :)


Amy said...

I H.E.A.R.T. Nutella!!!

Awkward, for you said...

woa 3 teaspoons of nutella? you have a sweet tooth beyond any i have ever seen.

Awkward, for you said...

...to clarify i mean that i've tried eating a tablespoon and i had to bail on the nutella because it was so sweet. I felt my last comment may have been looked at wrong like i was saying you really like to pound back the sweets. That's not what i meant. :) Just wanted to make sure you knew that.

Elusive Butterfly said...

Technically it wasn't 3 full teaspoons. I stuck a teaspoon in the bottom of the jar and pulled it out. Three times. In the course of three episodes of Numb3rs. That's probably far too obscurely g33ky for anyone else to even notice ;)

Anonymous said...

Heh - at least you had a sense of humor about it. And you'll probably throw a granola bar in your purse next time.

What's wrong with Numb3ers? It's the perfect, predictable friday night entertainment! I mean, you're practically guaranteed a foot chase at the half-hour mark!

Elusive Butterfly said...

GH, wanna come over and watch Numb3rs this weekend? I don't have any of the complete seasons so I just sorta watch them haphazardly. I'm not enjoying the first season at all where Charlie is all awkward and gangly. Plus, I hate his girlfriend. She's so coy and pouty and hot it drives me nuts. No way she should be with him. Ugh.

And I need a man in a life who will throw a granola bar in my purse when I leave the house. Actually said man will have to buy the granola bars too. Eating on site is frowned upon but at least I could have scarfed half of it down before I got there.