Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mucus monster

My sinuses (sinii?) are pounding so I am going to write quickly and then spend the rest of the evening horizontal on the couch.

I overmedicated myself (mmmm ibuprofen!) today because I had a superimportantclientmeeting this afternoon. It was well worth it because the meeting went well - nobody asked me any questions and I didn't hork green boogers over everyone - but now the meds (lotsa Advil Cold & Sinus and corticosteroid nasal spray) are definitely wearing off. My sinii are reminding me they're still alive and kicking my brains out with a vengeance.

It's weird. Usually when I get these sinus problems, the drugs dry up my phlegm no problem but this time it's been hanging out between my nose and my throat making it very difficult to speak, breathe or eat. Probably the same reason I haven't been sleeping. Ugh. My ears are plugged too.

It doesn't seem fair. I was sick when I was in India and I had tonsillitis for the entire month of August. How can I be sick again? Is it possible to have my sinii removed, do you think?

Ugh. Wait, I already said that. Okay, off to the couch. I think I had something else to say but it's gone in the snot-induced murkiness surrounding my brain.

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