Friday, January 25, 2008


I slept all day today. Could not drag myself out of bed in the morning. Was almost late for yoga but miraculously showered and ate breakfast and picked up my yoga mat from the lab and still arrived a bit early. Then I came home and did nothing. Was reading on the couch after lunch and basically passed out. Didn't wake up til 6 pm when I realized I didn't know if my passport was valid. Leapt up, heart pounding to check. Only after making sure it was valid, realized that I don't need a passport to go to Windsor, Ontario. God, I'm stupid.

I wanted to do some real work today and didn't. Instead I watched several hours of recorded TV. Friends re-runs, 2.5 Men re-runs. Little Mosque on the Prairie and Sofie. The Daily Show for the whole week. I'm sure tomorrow will be very painful. Not least because I plan to be at work by 10 am and it's after 2 am now. I am starting to wonder if it's worth fighting sleep during the day. Perhaps I should just sleep when my body tells me to and suffer through the rest. I still think something is wrong but I can't figure it out. Maybe that makes me stupid. Perhaps I should start keeping a sleep journal.

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