Thursday, January 24, 2008

One fish, two fish, pink fish, blue... Me

I originally wrote this for my old (not anonymous blog) on January 25, 2007 and thought it might be time to resurrect it.

For the last two weeks, I have done very little except catch up on someone else's life. She's like me but waaaay cooler. I'm all up to date now and ready to share this list I somehow ended up creating. At first, I thought "wow, we're a lot similar" but then I realised that we're both just girls that like pink, like every other girl out there. But here's the list anyway. If nothing else, it will motivate you to find out more about her.

Bizarre similarities between Fish and myself:
"A social creature who values her alone time -- alone and lonely, rarely being the same thing."
Not so good with scary movies
Diet Coke and nightmares
Former bicycle (un)friendship with J (X, for me)
Age (too tired to do math after pirates class)
"Funny is the thinking girls aphrodisiac"
Little Mermaid syndrome
Subway face (or "Don't mess with the Toronto girl" face)
Not good with money woes (good with money, yes)
Dislikes being yelled at (although am a good yeller myself)
Believes in God and karma and yoga
Closet organized by colour
Lists organized by priority and by cost
The feeling of music
Clear band aids and stable weather forecasts
Solar powered

Other not-so-bizarre but still surprisingly numerous similarities
A little bit crazy
Bad decision after bad decision
Heavy duty security measures
Fairy tale endings: "what the fuck"
Works too hard to fill the void
Eats too much to fill the void
Shops too much to fill the void
Cat-like snoozes... snooze... snooze... snooze
Shoes (especially boots)
Relationship with extra poundage
Cooking for one
Nyquil hallucinations
Skin crawling off body
Jeopardy know-it-all-ness
An Inconvenient Truth
Sweet Valley Twins and Nancy Drew
Mmmm Luke
"nothing sexier than know-how"
Cold feet
Kettles and tea
Keeps all the love letters

Some extremely noteworthy differences
Rain (but that's just me)
Hair (it's going away soon!)
Thongs (sorry guys)
Rose (call it blush, it's still gross)
Baths (because I don't have a bicycle to fix my shower head)

Now go read her blog

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