Monday, January 21, 2008

Did okay on a couple of tests...

You never can tell when it's going to be a good day. Last night I cried for an hour when I went to bed. So I got up again and had a pretty intense MSN conversation with a naive virgin friend (male, thirty-something) who was trying to convince me that positive thoughts will help me find love. Snort.

I slept for most of today and then I finally worked up the nerve to see Juno alone. But then, just as I was leaving the house, I phoned Grey. Much to my surprise, he agreed to come. The movie was excellent and we had a good time. The conversation on the way home got a little out of hand but I declined to have sex with him. I feel a bit guilty although I know I made the right decision. I really do want to have sex with him but I know I would just hurt afterwards. And to be honest, I'm tired of crying. But I am having some crazy sexual dreams about him. Perhaps I came off as a bit of a tease? Anyway, I just sent an email apology. I fully expect he will ignore it. I plan to ignore him for 10 days and then ask him to the office shindig in February. If he can't go, I'll give up the tickets. They're free anyway.

I came home after the movie and watched Test the Nation. I did surprisingly well considering I spent most of this century hiding under a rock in Northern BC or hiding under journal articles in Toronto.

45/60 makes me a Worldwide Wonder, apparently.

My individual scores were:
Pop couture 5/6
Earth and Beyond 3/6
Rich and Infamous 4/4
Technobabble 3/5
Poli-sci-fi 4/5
Lightning Round 5/6
So Scandalous 3/5
World at Large 4/6
Body Politik 4/6
Say What 4/5
Indulge Me 6/6

Looks like I'm great at procrastination and celebrity shenanigans. Crap at planetary things though. Perhaps the key is to know a little about some things because knowing too much makes you overthink. Overall not the usual horrifying Sunday night.

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