Friday, May 8, 2009

The nice guy blow-off

I realized I had to run some errands on Thursday (drug store, drop off paperwork, eat lunch) so I went out and bought shoes.

I'm glad I did because the rest of my day was kinda crappy. 516 is definitely not interested so I deleted his number and all of his text messages.

This morning wasn't much improved either. Yesterday I sent my mother an email telling her that my supervisors had set a defense date and asking her to help me plan vacation for August. Her response? That the gorgeous green georgette silk sari I picked out myself and wore to the wedding wasn't formal enough. My mother is a bitch. I hate her again. I haven't felt this way in several years but forget about family vacation. I'm not even going to my graduation. If she decides to go, she can pick up my degree for me. I wrote her a long and hateful flamer but didn't send it. I'll probably just ignore her for a while and tell A's mother how I'm feeling. She's pretty much guaranteed to tell my mother.

Also, I think I'm starting to get sick. A lot of people at the wedding were sick so I figured it was only 3 to 5 days before I started to feel it. It's either NYC withdrawal or H1N1.

I'm so miserable. I think the only remedy is pizza and the couch.


emily said...

wait i've missed something who is '516'?

I know you feel about your mom, my dad is being a dink. I bought a condo with my boyfriend and he doesn't support me at all. he thinks it's too small and too expensive and i should have bought outside of the city. Pete (boyfriend) already has an hour commute to work so if we lived outside of the city he'll take at least 1.5 hours to get to work. Parents can be extremely annoying. You think they would be happy with the person you've become and what you are doing with your life. He should be happy I'm in the field i went to school for, but every time i see him he asks me when i'm going back to university (i only went for a year after 3 years of college). He just wants to say that i have a degree so he can brag about me or something. He wants me to a lawyer or psychiatrist, but instead i went into media.

so i'm not making 100 grand a year, so what? I'm happy.

I needed to vent thanks. I would do it on my blog, but sometimes my aunt (his sister) reads. Didn't want her to see this bitch fest :) Just know that i know how you feel.

Elusive Butterfly said...

You can rant on my blog any time :)

516 is the guy from a few weekends ago who, when I asked him how tall he was, he said 5' 16". He made me laugh. And I liked him so naturally he blew me off. Gah.