Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mrs Chuck Bartowski

Yay!!!!! I get to keep my husband!!! :D

As so often happens, Fish inspired this post. And GH got it going with his announcement that I get to be Mrs Chuck Bartowski for another season.


Reasons to date a divorced guy with kid:

1. No big fat stupid wedding
2. No wedding at all...?
3. No pressure to create progeny
4. No labour or delivery (hopefully)
5. No (or little) responsibility for misbehaving children (not that I have met his)
6. Birth control baby, birth control!
7. Grown up conversations
8. Good listening skills
9. A sense of priorities
10. No games


Asshat said...

Wicked stepmotherhood?

Anonymous said...

Somehow I knew you'd be happy about the Chuck news!

Elusive Butterfly said...

LOL I love you Asshat!