Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Big kids

Tonight was better. He met me after yoga (I went to yoga, not him) for sushi at Crispy Roll on Queen Street. I set him straight about screwing with me at work. Ooh, that came out wrong. I made it known that I don't want him joking around about us dating at the office. Even if he thinks nobody else can hear. I have enough trouble getting people to take me seriously without office gossip. I think he understands that he cannot screw this up because I won't take it lightly if he ruins my professional relationships with other people on the project. He's a big goofy kid but I think it might be good for me to be less anal-retentive uptight control freak bitch all the time. He was saying how he is the responsible parent and that actually makes me feel better. Somehow.

After dinner we went back to his place to make oatmeal fudge bars. The guy does not have mixing bowls or wine glasses but he has grown up cereal bowls. His mother made him get them. I don't have grown up bowls or dishes or glasses or cups. My dishes are Corelle from Smeller's (I think that's KMart for you Americans), cups are a mish mash of gifts over the years and, instead of glasses, I have those crazy multi-coloured IKEA cups. I guess he's not the only big kid.

Anyway, while the oatmeal fudge bars were cooling, we lay on the couch and talked about stuff. It was nice. And comforting. I am starting to understand him and I think he is sincere in his overwhelmingness. I will just have to be careful for the both of us and make sure we don't rush into anything crazy.

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geekhiker said...

I wonder, do you have the urge to rush into something crazy? Admittedly it sounds like he does as well. Sometimes that can be risky, sometimes it can have wonderful results.

Still, if you feel more comfortable slowing the pace a bit, make sure you let him know. Otherwise he'll most likely interpret it as a cold shoulder/rejection, and I don't think that's the message you want him to get...