Sunday, February 17, 2008

One last time

I spent last night with Grey. And I'm happy right now. We had a nice evening. Ordered Thai. Watched a movie. Good Luck Chuck probably wasn't the wisest choice but we enjoyed it. Fooled around a bit. Which was fantastic. And he was asleep by 9.30. This morning he was up early and made us breakfast. He wasn't mean or nasty or judgmental. In fact, he was sweet and affectionate. I was cuddled and spooned and kissed. It felt really nice.

I'm glad that I agreed to see him. And I'm surprised that we had a good time. I don't expect anything further from him. Not an email or a phone call. And I'm okay with that. Maybe that should make me feel sad, or bad about myself. But I'm choosing to be happy that we enjoyed each other's company, ate, laughed, and had some pretty good sex. I still miss him but it's not worse than it was before Friday night. Most of all, I'm happy that I didn't end up feeling horrible about my decision afterwards. It could so easily have gone that way but it didn't and that makes me happy.

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