Thursday, February 14, 2008

Now what?

I talked briefly with my thesis supervisor today about the data I sent him last week. He finally came around and decided that it "wasn't very promising". I have thought this since I started trying to refine this method since the fall. Six months wasted. Great. Now I have to start over. Well, not from scratch. The experimental set up is still the same but the analytical method is the problem.

Now that I'm starting something new, I'm interested again. It's like a puzzle. I am so much better at starting something than following through and closing the deal. I guess I have a short attention span. So, even though I might fall asleep right now, I'm going to keep working. My head hurts and my shoulder is wrapped so tight I could bounce a loonie off it but I'm going to keep working. In fact, I probably could have gone to sleep early tonight. But, of course, when I want to stay up, I'm tired.

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