Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Long conversation

We had a long chat on the phone tonight. He assumed I was breaking up with him. Man, this guy is needy. But that's okay, I think. For now. It turns out he's just a bit slow. He has been so sure that he is "serious" about me, about how much he likes me, that he just assumed I knew how he felt. So he figured he didn't have to call this weekend. And didn't have to make plans with me this week. Or even let me know that he would be free this week and would like to make plans. He just assumed I would know. Somehow. Gah.

Anyway, I think that I communicated clearly to him that he has to phone at least once in the space of 48 hours just to let me know that he's thinking of me because I won't just instinctively know that. Also, if he knows which nights he won't have his son, he has to let me know ahead of time and not just assume I will be free to hang out. Because chances are good that I won't be. Today, I made plans for Tuesday night and Wednesday night because I couldn't bear the thought of eating alone all week and all weekend (bachelor party). It turns out he's free Tuesday through Thursday night but only thought to tell me that at 10 pm. Boys are dumb. But we have tentative plans for both nights. Subject to my schedule, not his. Improvement.


Anonymous said...

So it was mostly a miscommunication issue. Honestly, not too very surprising, but a relief nonetheless.

And yes, boys are dumb. In fact, I think I'm quite a lot stupider than this guy, since he's got a girl and I, uh, don't.

Anyway, glad things have taken a turn for the better.

Asshat said...

Meanwhile, he's writing his friends,

"Man, we had a long talk on the phone last night. This girl's really, really needy. She requires a phone call every 48 hours or she thinks I've simply forgotten her. And she runs a tighter schedule than any train conductor. To see her, I've got to make a reservation a week in advance! Sheesh. So much for spontaneity. I guess it's all right though, it'll keep me on my toes."

Awkward, for you said...

Boys are so dumb