Thursday, June 11, 2009

First draft done!

I'm done my first draft! I took today off and busted my ass and finished my methodology section. Wow, that feels pretty good. Granted, I still have to do one final read through all 17 pages tomorrow before I give a hard copy to my snoopervisors to review. But it feels good to know that I will be able to take this weekend off. There will be husband birthday dinner and Russell Peters and wedding anniversary tea. But I think I will celebrate with pistachio ice cream at Ed's Real Scoop at the Beaches (the Beach?) after work tomorrow. Okay, I'm going to finish up references now. Fortunately there are but a few.


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Elusive Butterfly said...

GH, I am so ashamed of myself. I got through my methodology section alright. But I also stayed at work until 8.45 tonight. Then I came home and couldn't manage to feed myself until almost 10. Now my tummy hurts from eating leftover pasta sauce too late :( If only I had someone to look after me. Sigh.

Asshat said...

Someone to eat your leftovers?