Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Blogorrhea

I haven't written anything because I really don't have anything to write. I spent this weekend alternately sleeping and feeling nauseated. I must be fighting off the flu or something. I went out for Korean BBQ on Friday night and followed it up with bubble tea and ice cream cake. Birthdays. Ugh. Then Saturday, I slept until 12.30, thesised until 4.30 and then slept until 6.30. I ate nothing for most of the day and went out for Thai for another birthday dinner. It was horribly awkward for me. I didn't know anyone except the birthday boy and spent the entire time waiting for 9 pm to roll around so I could leave. Today I slept until 2.30 pm! Pretended to work (but reading this blog) until 7 and went over to A's parents house so they could feed me. Unfortunately I couldn't finish my food because I felt queasy. Serves me right for only eating Cheetos all day, I guess. Oh yeah, I also spent some time crying last night. I don't really recall why. I mean, it must have been because of Grey. I happen to know he was watching a movie with a friend and I was watching a movie alone. Oh right, I was watching Pretty Woman. Insomniac. Alone on the couch. With a chick flick. Great. My life is meaningless and empty. Now I remember why I haven't written anything all week.


SaneAndSingle said...

Awww...your life does have meaning! Men don't define whether our lives have meaning! Don't let other people have that kind of power! I know I'm one to talk! LOL I do get lonely, but I look at other parts of my life and see the influence I have on others and the things I learn from them. Meaning can come from all sorts of places in your life...not just being in a couple!

geekhiker said...

I gotta say, having people who are willing to feed you is nothing to shake a stick at, you know?

Elusive Butterfly said...

I know, I know, I was being mopey and self-pitying. I stop now :)