Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dancing around

Ugh. I am so weak.

I was going to write more but I don't think that I will. To make a long and unnecessary story short, I said "no" on the phone in response to his booty call and he still somehow got me over there. No sex, despite his repeated, insistent, sometimes too-assertive demands for it. Just cuddles and kisses. However, when he finally woke up in the morning (I was long gone after his log-sawing chased me out of bed), he was so wasted that he didn't even remember I had been over there. If I hadn't left a note, he wouldn't have found his key. If I hadn't texted him to look for the note, he might not have noticed it on the laptop until tomorrow. Okay, that's enough about that.

I started a belly dancing class last week and I fashioned myself a fancy hip scarf. I bought two small scarfs (black and maroon) and sewed them together to make one big one. When it is completely finished, I might even take a photo (of my ass with bells on!) and post it here for all the interweb to see.

It felt oddly domestic and reassuring to take needle and thread to fabric after many years. But now I must sleep. I have a big conference call in the morning. I will be on the client end and my boss and her boss on the office end. Scary.


Anonymous said...

Is it bad that, believe it or not, I'm practically jealous? That I think to myself "well, at least she's got someone who wants her company, even if it's far from ideal, which is better than my forever-empty bed." Maybe it just makes me look shallow and pathetic, which I suppose I am.

You're not weak, you're human.

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Elusive Butterfly said...

Thanks! :)