Saturday, February 10, 2007

Why girls are better than boys

I went to Piglet's mom's house today to hang out with her while hubby worked late. Actually, she called me during the midterm and we played a bit of phone and email tag this afternoon. So I picked her up from the office and we went over to her place to have dinner and bake ginger cookies. I even managed to sit through an hour of Grey's Anatomy without completely freaking out. I can't believe Meredith went in the water! I'll probably have screaming nightmares tonight. Yet another reason to not have cable. I might even have to go online to find out what happens next week. There are some damn fine-looking doctors on that show, let me just say.

Anyway, we talked about a couple of things. I told her about the nodule on my thyroid that came up in an ultrasound last week. It felt good to share it with her. I am scared. Not scared of what it might mean, but scared of having to deal with whatever it is alone. And she seemed a bit worried, even though she said that it probably isn't serious since I don't have to rush in to see the doctor about it. I know that X means well when he says not to worry about it. But what I really need to hear is, "try not to worry about it too much and I'll try to pretend that I'm not worried about it even though I am". Actually, B said to me today, "try not to worry about it right now" when I told him about the midterm. It was the "right now" that made me feel better. Put things in perspective a bit.

We also talked about her sister-in-law's blog. And her upcoming housewarming/hubby's birthday party/pregnancy announcement. And of course, we talked about the pregnancy and stuff. It felt good just to hang out with her. I didn't need to talk today. At least, I didn't need to talk about my feelings. I just needed to interact with a real live person. I needed to be distracted by low-maintenance activities. Food and baking helped too.

I'm going to try and sleep now. I had half thought about having a beer when I got home but I think that my bed will be infinitely more rewarding.

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