Sunday, February 11, 2007

Breast Cancer Society of Canada rejects cash donation

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada rejected a donation from a local exotic dancers group.

I will be sending an email to these people tomorrow afternoon before class.

Honestly, I'm speechless with disbelief.

Onto more mundane topics, like my life...
I'm hoping that the two teaspoons of cough syrup with codeine are going to kick in any minute now and I won't be able to finish this coherently. Maybe I need to be in bed. Perhaps I should have brushed my teeth already. If this doesn't work, I'm going to be screwed tomorrow. I need to leave the house by 7 am at the absolute latest to get to a conference in Burlington that starts at 8 am. Perhaps I should try and leave by 6.30. Oh God, painful. Perhaps I should print a map too. Perhaps I should decide what to wear tonight instead of running around tomorrow like a chicken with its head cut off...

Well, that was easy. I am apparently going to wear what I wore to work on Wednesday because it is still in the large pile of laundry at the foot of my bed. I wonder if codeine expires? I suppose I can still take my birth control with this as my doctor didn't say not to last year when he prescribed the stuff. The cough syrup, that is.

I like having a large pile of laundry at the foot of my bed. Apart from making it easy to get dressed in a hurry, I like the way the weight feels on my feet when I'm falling asleep. I used to put my feet under X's legs and it felt good. I wonder why.

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