Wednesday, February 14, 2007


At least until I have posted this blog. Amazing how loopy the end of my last two posts have been. I mean, ":)"? Come on now, that's the drugs talking.

I actually have nothing to post today. Nothing decent anyway. So I will succumb to the blogorrhea and write about absolutely nothing.

It's snowing again. Not only is it just snowing, we are in the midst of a goddamn snowstorm again. Why do people live here? I'm moving back to the West Coast as soon as my thesis defense is over. Just get in the car and drive. Wait, scratch that, I'm flying next time. I mean, SK is great, but undulatingly flat. Really spectacularly boringly rollingly flat. Crap, I digress. Oh yeah, stupid sucky snow. And windy. Not nice at all. I almost didn't make it to pilates class but I'm glad I went. I discovered muscles under the flab in the shower today. That was gratifying. I'll just have to make sure I flex all the time from now on. Damnit, there I go again. Yeah, as a result of the snow, I'm not going to attempt the commute to the office tomorrow. It's ugly out there. There's snow piled up on my window sills and I'm 10 floors up. Ridiculous.

Also, I went to a new aesthetician back in December and I'm going to see her again on Thursday morning. When she asked me what I wanted to wax, she asked "ah, your bathing suit, and do you want to do your buttocks?" but she pronounced it "boot-tocks" and I was killing myself laughing. No, I don't want to do my boot-tocks! Yipes.

Yeah, that's pretty much it today. I can hear my cough surfacing again so I should take some drugs and go to bed. Pharmaceuticals are my friend.

Oh yeah, one more thing: Pandora rocks. Go. Now.

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