Saturday, February 10, 2007

I miss food

I know I should eat something but I don't want to. I'm not hungry but I can feel my stomach gently protesting the emptiness. I've eaten half a bagel, a banana and some cookies today. Wait, that's not right. Surely I've eaten more than that... no, perhaps not. I have a full yoghurt container of spaghetti sauce that I don't want to eat. The thought of it grosses me out.

I miss going over to X's house for perogies before salsa class. I miss having people to eat out with. I miss West coast sushi. I miss enjoying the taste and smell of food.

I don't really feel like doing anything anymore. I did manage to get some stuff done today though.

I bought some maple syrup to take down to B on Friday. Apparently it is expensive in the Bahamas. While I was at the St Lawrence Market, I ran into a coworker and his girlfriend which was kinda nice. He kept saying how weird it was to run into me, even though I live in the neighbourhood, which made it even funnier.

I also bought some art from a little man named Rob. I believe in buying art when you see something you like. Provided you can afford it, of course. Today, I spent $100 for what is essentially a triptych. I suppose I could attach a photo of it here.

It's on the top shelf of my living room and I'm short which is the reason for the funny angle. The $100 is not exactly within my budget right now, especially since I'm going to the Bahamas next week and I will probably wish that I had the money to spend there. But the last time I fell in love with art at first sight but decided not to buy it on the basis of cost, I regretted it. It still haunts me and I wonder where the Indian princess with the hookah pipe at night is right now.

What else did I do today? I reviewed an undergraduate thesis that my supervisor told me he thought was very good. I'm not sure why. It's good for an undergrad perhaps, but overall it's a bit weak. Especially on the language and the analysis of results. I reviewed some journal articles and made a bit of progress on my thesis concept. When I say progress, I mean, "wow, there is so much that I don't know and I wish I had paid more attention in genetics and microbiology. Oh wait, I never took genetics or microbiology! What the hell am I doing here?!"

Sigh. I should just take some cough syrup with codeine and knock myself out for the night. I wonder if I took the entire bottle, would it knock me out for all eternity? Not that I have a whole bottle left. And if it didn't, what a waste of perfectly good cough syrup.

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