Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The new guy and I went out for lunch today. Just the two of us. It was fun. I like him. Yes, yes, red flags danger klaxon sirens! I am stupid. Apparently advanced degrees in science/engineering/management do not qualify you (or just me) to know when a boy likes me. All day I was thinking he was just being friendly. Not so much as of right now. Here is our fb conversation:

New guy 29 September at 13:36
I see you're very pride of your [grad school] connection, LOL!

I think it is funny that you're 12 feet away from me and I am e-mailing you.

Me 29 September at 17:36
You're so silly. You'll have to tell me what you can see now that I have replied to your message. I don't usually fb at work but I can read messages when I get the email notification. See you tomorrow :)

New guy 29 September at 18:02
I can't see anything. If you don't add me, we're in a fight.

Me 29 September at 23:24
Lol you're so full of it Mr Politician! I know that some of my photo albums are publicly available. Anyway, I can totally take you...

New guy 29 September at 23:33
Listen smart ass, NONE of your albums are available. And now we ARE in a better add me!

Me 29 September at 23:43
Hmm, maybe they're restricted for luddites. Since we are in a fight, I look forward to kicking your ass tomorrow morning. Right after my pumpkin spice latte. I have a mean left hook! Good night [new guy].

New guy 29 September at 23:44 Report
I am going to buy two lattes, one to drink and one to throw on you.

Me 29 September at 23:50
That is a terrible waste of a good latte! Shocking. I'm glad we're not fb friends :p

New guy 29 September at 23:51 Report
I can't believe you won't add me...and after all these weeks of me flirting with you you diss me this hard!

Me 30 September at 00:03
Flirting?! I thought you were just recruiting me to assist you with your plan for world domination. Anyway, didn't I just meet you like last week? I don't let people in just like that, you know. You'll have to work harder. I'm really going to bed now. Pjs on and book in hand.

Here are my photos. Mini-truce?


Asshat said...

Well, well, hope it works out. Is the recently-divorced imbecile jealous enough to make trouble at work if he sees you lunching together?

Facebook can be an awful disease, you know.

Ms Behaviour said...

Oh yeah, Douchebag is insanely jealous. He's like a forlorn puppy. If I weren't such a raging bitch, it would be heartbreaking. However, I am merely finding the entire situation hilarious.

Victoria said...

Well, yay! :)