Monday, September 28, 2009

I feel good

But I didn't know that I would. Duh na na na na na nah! Sorry Mr James Brown :)

Really, this coming home from work and not doing anything is really awesome! This evening, after I got home from belly dance class, I poured myself a glass of "milk" (it's actually that Oat Dream stuff that sucks) and thought, "huh, I don't have to do anything now!" Yeah, that was a pretty good feeling.

On Sunday, I went camera shopping with Piglet's dad and it was fun. Although my brain is now officially overwhelmed with apertures and f-stops and shutter speeds and ISO. I have got some learning to do. I'm leaning towards the D90 but haven't totally ruled out the T1i because it's smaller. I prefer having all the manual controls at my fingertips though which is why I'm willing to risk wrist strain (say that out loud three times) for convenience.

Now, I know there is at least one photographer reading this. Anyone care to weigh in? It's a graduation gift from my parents so I'm hoping that they will also spring for an 18-200 mm lens, a wideangle lens (yeah it's a lot to ask for) and accessories like a bag and a bigger SD card.

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SaneAndSingle said...

Let us know what you decide to get. I've decided that photography is going to be my new hobby for 2010!