Monday, April 6, 2009

Zero tolerance for assholes

That's the personal message on one of my friend's MSN today. I may have to adopt it for my new slogan. Hopefully it will remind me to not get too emotionally attached to guys before they have proven themselves to not be assholes. I'm not sure that's even possible though. Baby agreed with me today that all men are jerks. I was telling her that's basically the lesson I learned from the HJNTIY movie. That all men are jerks and even the ones that you want to believe are not jerks are also jerks. I think I wrote that in an earlier post.

Anyway, I booked my flight to NYC so I won't be an NYC virgin for much longer! I also folded the mountain of laundry in my hamper and washed the mats in my bathroom (more like giant fluffy floor towels). I'm going to try and get to the gym after work tomorrow. Normally I take Mondays off because they're painful but I skipped pirates and yoga this weekend because of Aunt Flow taking up so much of my energy. So I'm going to hit up a Body Jam class.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm probably a jerk and just don't know it. Kinda sad, huh?

On the other hand, as you well know, women have always treated me in a non jerk-like manner, right?

Elusive Butterfly said...

Wait, what?

I think that blowing a guy off is treating him like a jerk. That is to say, blowing someone off is being a jerk. And that's what one should do to someone who is a jerk. So no, women have not treated you in a non-jerk like manner. Which is to say....

I have no idea.

I yam so confused. Ask me again in the morning!