Saturday, April 18, 2009

Holy crap it's late

So much for an early night. We went to a small bar on Queen West. Waaay west. A friend was DJing and the man is truly inspired. I wish I could bring him home with me so that he could play the soundtrack to my life.

I met someone there too. Not the first, very large, white dude from Brampton that hit on me and kept calling me beautiful. The guy that rescued me from him. Friend of a friend of a friend of the friend that knows C le V and Grey. We talked and there was chemistry but I thought he was just being a flirt. But then he asked me for my number before he left and I must have asked him three times if he was serious. Who number closes anymore? He texted me right there. When I called him on it, he said he was texting this cute girl he met. It was sweet. I texted him back after he left and he said he would call me soon. Also, he wished me steak dreams because we had been talking about steak. It's affirmative. I liked him almost instantly but I'm scared that he'll turn out to be just like C le V. Apparently he is moving to Australia.

After we left that place, I ran into a brand new coworker outside the Drake. I mean, this guy started maybe 10 days ago. That's how new he is. The kicker was that he was high. HIGH. Not drunk. We agreed to pretend that we had not seen each other. See you Monday buddy! I'm still laughing.


emily said...

please clarify: C le V is moving to Australia or this new guy?
I like the witty 'steak dreams'. Guys who have a good sense of humor make them a million and 10 times more attractive.
Also...don't let C le V's actions reflect this guys. I am currently dating someone who's friend i dated first. The first guy was a dick and the negative human being i have ever met, but my Pete is lovely and fun and would never be anything but honest with me.

Proof friends don't always rub off on friends. :)

I know you don't really like scary movies, but you should check out Pontypool at the bloor cinema. It's pretty awesome.

Elusive Butterfly said...

New guy is apparently moving to Australia. He said he would call me soon and I'm being all girly and obsessing about how soon is soon? Augh. Anyway, I'm going to just do what I always do and have dinner with married friends tonight ;)