Thursday, January 22, 2009


My life is ridiculous at the moment.

Grey is actually considering my moving in with him in April. I think the idea is insane and only tossed it out there to see what would happen. The thought makes my head spin. Every time we actually have a conversation, I want to bang my head against the wall with frustration. We haven't discussed this whole moving in thing beyond him letting me know that he's open to the idea. What.the.fuck??

He has been acting very strange. When he picked me up from the airport on Monday night, he was so happy and excited it was weird. He took me back to his place and made me dinner while I showered. We smoked a tiny little j (actually the remnants of something he had smoked earlier) and watched House. He made me sit on his lap while he ate his dinner and then held my hand while we watched tv. And then we had really mind blowing sex which started out with kisses so soft and slow I thought I had died and been reincarnated as a flower in the breeze. And then we went to bed and cuddled so tightly I couldn't tell where my skin ended and his skin started. It was nice. Comforting. His mattress is too soft. So I suggested that, when I move in, we move his mattress to the guest room and put mine on his bed. He laughed. He laughed! He didn't freak out and throw me out of bed. What.the.fuck??

He dropped me and my suitcases off the following morning and we went to work. When he got home that evening, he called to say hi. What.the.fuck?? On Wednesday morning, I texted him to ask if he was going to call in the evening to say hi. He did. What.the.fuck?? He texted me this morning to ask what I was doing Saturday night because his friend invited us over. I was mildly disturbed by his use of the word "us". What.the.fuck?? When I finally told him that C le V is coming to visit this weekend (see next paragraph), he sounded jealous but denied it. What.the.fuck??

Very confusing. But I refuse to dwell on his odd behaviour any longer.

So yeah, C le V is coming to visit this weekend. He arrives tomorrow night. We have no real plans. Except that I have to go to a funeral on Saturday morning. My friend's father passed away quite unexpectedly. I'm shocked and a little angry. Cancer is stupid.

I'm not sure why he's coming. He hasn't explicitly said that he wants to be more than friends or regrets his December decision. He has danced around it but I require verbal clarification. There are three major things he will have to fix:
1. He will have to move here.
2. He will have to explain why he decided he wanted to be just friends, explain what has changed since then and convince me that we shouldn't be just friends anymore. And apologize for making that decision in December. And beg forgiveness.
3. Somehow get me over the repulsion I felt at his being the creepy club drunk guy and hitting on everything with boobs. Even the ugly boobs. Especially the ugly boobs.

So, while I'm making no assumptions, this weekend should prove to be somewhat interesting. Outcome: pending.

I had hoped to be back at work full-time very soon. But with the stupid economy behaving like a 5 year old, that may not pan out. So tonight I am going to work on a couple of cover letters before I work on the job I have.

My washing machine is broken again and I have veritable mountains of dirty vacation laundry. Where is my asshat when I need him?

I finally got my lab data. I have to meet my supervisor next week. Before I do that, I have to figure out what the hell I'm doing with my spreadsheet. I hate school.

I haven't spoken to Baby since I got home. Or any of my girlfriends really except for A. Her romance has not worked out as anticipated so we have logged many phone hours. What I really want is to lie on the couch and watch tv but I have too much work to do. At least I seem to finally be getting over the jetlag. I was too out of it to write anything the last few days. I probably shouldn't even have been driving.

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Asshat said...

You really should have a working washing machine and a lot of extra janitorial supplies on hand if Cpt. le V. is spending the weekend. You will probably have a lot of cleaning up to do. I'd suggest you spend the day scotchguarding everything.