Monday, February 1, 2010


I am still sick. I have learned a few things this time around:

1. Advil Cold & Sinus keeps me awake at night.
2. Nasonex nasal spray (free sample from the doctor's office) is much better. Clears up the passages without the desert-like burning dryness.
2a. Do not apply said nasal spray when driving onto the highway. It is hard to blow your nose and hold a steering wheel at the same time.
3. Always keep a bottle of Dimetapp with codeine handy... preferably one that is not expired.
4. Puffs plus with lotion and Vicks is so much better than regular Puffs plus with lotion! And that's really saying something.
5. My client told me to apply Vicks liberally to my feet and then put on socks. I don't have any Vicks with which to try this but I must remember to lie to him and tell him that it worked.

I hope to feel considerably better tomorrow morning. Must go to bed before codeine kicks in...


Asshat said...

Glad you're feeling better.

emily said...

Where do you get the Dimetapp with condeine? I love the PUFFS with VICKS! I brought some to work one day, cronic sinus issues, and people thought they were gross. I don't know how anyone can find that smell repulsive. Just laying one on your pillow helps.

Ms Behaviour said...

Shoppers but you need a prescription. I just go see my doctor and ask for it. She is very obliging :)