Thursday, December 24, 2009


Ah crap, it's Christmas eve again. I have plans this year. They include smoked salmon and saucy sangria jelly and brownies from a tube and jalapeno gouda. The fridge is quite full, which is unheard of around these parts. My goal for the holidays was to lose some weight, which has apparently happened out of sheer misery at work. But I am going to have to medicate myself through the next four days. I might even work on Monday, just to prevent me from hurting myself. Actually, no it won't be that bad because I was really proactive about making sure I have enough shows recorded and the new Dan Brown book as a bedtime backup plan.

As for the new guy update, I can't tell if it was the Prosecco or something else but there was much more chemistry last night than I anticipated. He brought dinner and a moovie. The Hangover is terrible but I laughed despite myself. And then he stayed til some ridiculous hour. Good thing today was a half day at the office.

This was his email in response to our phone call.

Thanks for calling....we're slowly running out of things to talk about...this phone call only lasted 2 hours and 10 minutes ;-0
but as usual, it was great chatting with you. I can't wait to see your new hair cut....but more importantly...I can wait to see you again!!
I'm going to steal a line from you and say, "you're almost tolerable"...but I know you know that what I'm really saying is, I'm really into you...i like you :-)

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Jenny DB said...

Umm that's a really cute email. I think I like him too ;)